Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last day in New Mexico

We woke up this morning and headed to church. I have never been to a Catholic Church and I felt quite out of place. There were to many things specific to that church that I didn't know what they were doing half the time or if I should participate. We stopped by this restaurant Frontier and got some breakfast then headed back to the house to finish packing. I took some more video of the girls together and then we headed up to the airport. I made sure to grab snacks this time so that Alayah wouldn't scream the whole way back to Denver. The airport wasn't too crowded when we got there and we were able to get through security pretty quickly. It was sad though when I had to put all of our stuff on the conveyor thing Alayah wouldn't put her blanket on it so I figured we could just carry it through with us. Wrong. They made me put it on there and Alayah started screaming and the TSA people were telling her they were sorry and they were hurring trying to get it scanned so she could have it back. I waited to be the last person on the plane hoping to avoid another scene like before. Let me say that Alayah was looking out the window as we left the gate and I was pointing things out to her. By the time the plane was starting down the runway she was asleep. She slept the entire way back. Ahh...such peace. The only bad thing was the flight was so turbulent I thought I was going to be sick. It kept dropping and shaking so bad my drink was spilling. Luckily we made it back safely. I am so glad that Alayah was able to meet her brother and sister. I hope this can be a yearly trip.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aquarium and Zoo

Today we took the girls to the zoo and to the Aquarium. Alayah loves the aquarium. She enjoys looking at all the fish and standing next to the glass. We finally got Imani to give Alayah a hug too. It was so cute.

Checking out the Stingrays

The girls first hug

After the aquarium we headed over to the zoo to get some lunch before we started checking out the animals.

Posing by the Polar Bears

Chillin' by the seals

By the time we left the girls were exhausted. I picked up some cute shirts for Alayah from both places so she can keep them. Today was definitely a fun day. :)

Konked out after a hard day

Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 2


Watching Cashmere tie his shoes

Today we took the kids to get their pictures taken together. Alayah wasn't really in the mood and didn't really want anything to do with sitting next to her siblings. We got some good shots though. The girls looked cute in their matching outfits. We took Cashmere home and then we were going to take the girls to see the movie "UP". Unfortunately, right after we bought our tickets and got our snacks...someone pulled the fire alarm and they made us all leave. I was a little disappointed but what can you do. We took the girls home for a nap and watched a movie at home. Tomorrow is a full day as we are going to the zoo and the aquarium. Alayah will love it. I am so glad the kids finally got to be together all three.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


We were supposed to get up at 5:30 this morning so that we could be to the airport in enough time to catch our 8:15 am flight. Well, I somehow turned my alarm off instead of hitting snooze and we didn't wake up until 6:00am. I through clothes on us ran down to the front desk and checked out as fast as humanly possible. I only wish that I had stopped and grabbed something for Alayah to eat while we were at the hotel instead of thinking I would get some at the airport. We got to the airport and I rushed to find a parking spot. I got us on the shuttle and made it to the check in desk, through security(which held us up because I forgot to tell them about the sippy cup with milk, so we had to have the milk tested before they would let us through)
The Denver Airport is huge and our gate was number 96 which is all the way on the other end of the terminal...I ran as fast as I could as it was already after 8. I wanted to stop and get Alayah something to eat, but the lines were all too long. By the time we got to our gate we were the last people to board. I stupidly thought they would give out pretzels or something....I thought wrong. I would like to personally apologize to everyone on the United flight as my daughter usually does not scream her head off and throw herself on the floor for 45 minutes straight. I do apologize for any ear drums that were possibly damaged during the flight. I was so embarrassed by her behavior, but it was all my fault as I did not feed the poor girl. I felt horrible!! Please believe I will never ever do that to her again...ever!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heading to Denver

Today Alayah and I are headed to Denver so that tomorrow morning I can take her to Albuquerque New Mexico to meet her half brother and half sister. I've been wanting to take her for a long time, but finances were just not allowing it to happen. Her half brother and half sister have different moms, so I am sure it will be slightly awkward for the three of us to get together knowing that we all were with the same man and all had children by him. I am excited for the kids to finally mee. Her brother is 5 and he has asked to see his sisters for a long time. Alayah's sister is 2 so her and Alayah may not remember much of this visit later on. Our flight leaves at 8:15 am tomorrow morning and I am truly hoping that Alayah behaves on the plane ride. Pray for us to have a safe flight and for my sanity if Alayah decides not to behave lol

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Words...Maybe

Alayah could say uh-oh and bye-bye a long time ago, but then she stopped. She is almost 17 months now and the only words she says if she is asked is Papa and sometimes Mama and Nana. She has yet to call me mommy or mama when she wants me or is referring to me. I really hope she will soon. Tonight though I swear she said "all gone" and "owie mommy". She definitely starting saying "owie" today and she points to her "owies" when she says it so I know that she understands the meaning and isn't just immitating. Oh, I can't wait for her to call me mommy.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I tried to put barrettes in Alayah's hair today. Her hair has been too short to put any in before now. It turned out pretty cute, but the hair in the back that I am trying so hard to get to grow is still too short for any. There is a patch of hair in the back that she is laying and rubbing all the time, so it is extremely dry and coarse. The rest of her hair is healthy and grows super fast, but that back patch just will not grow. Oh well....

Before the Barrettes

The back ones were too short for barrettes

She looks so much older with the barrettes in.

oh and look who can go down the stairs without help now

Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to eat pizza...Alayah style

How to get and eat pizza by Alayah

First you must throw yourself on the floor and scream at the top of your lungs for no apparent reason. You must do this until you gain the attention of an adult figure. Once this is accomplished you may get up off the floor and point at the pizza box. If said adult figure does not understand the afore-mentioned pointing then you must again throw yourself on the floor until your point is made.

Once you have received your piece of pizza you may grin from ear to ear of shear happiness.

Then you may take a huge bit of the deliciously yummy pizza. Mm mm

Then you will need to go find your Papa and cuddle with him while he sleeps on the floor while you rest from all the work that it took you to get your yummy piece of pizza.

After resting for a few short minutes you may then tackle your papa and show him your lovely piece of pizza and tell him about all the trouble it took to get you your piece of pizza.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baby Girl

10 days old

Where has my baby girl gone? It seems like yesterday Alayah was an itty bitty tiny baby and these last few days I find myself staring at her like she is a whole new person. She has thinned out, gotten taller, and is finding her own. She is strongly independent and insists upon doing everything herself. Where did the days go of her needing me for everything. I am excited to see this new side of her, but at the same time I am mourning the loss of my dependent little baby. I don't feel ready to move on to this new phase yet. I want to enjoy yesterday again.

4/19/2009 15 months old

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Vacation

We headed to Pinedale Wyoming on Saturday so that I could take my grandma to put flowers on my grandpa's grave. My grandma hasn't been able to go the last couple of years because she can't make the five hour drive by herself and my parents and I have been to busy to take her. I remember taking this drive many many many times when I was younger. About halfway into the drive we always stopped at this park to play. It was nice to be able to take Alayah there and see where I used to play as a little girl although, none of the play equipment was the
Alayah playing on the swing

Chasing Nana

Alayah didn't do so well on the drive there or the drive home. She hates being stuck in her carseat. We visited my grandpa's grave and added flowers. I also took Alayah to the park in Pindedale and let her walk across the bridge that I used to walk across and let her go down to the water. I should have known that my girl was going to walk straight into the water without a care. Luckily the water wasn't very deep. It was nice to get away and go somewhere quiet. Pinedale is probably a town of 1,000 or less so it is extremely quiet there. It was a nice trip overall and great girl bonding time.

Visiting her Great Grandpa
Really wanting to go back into the water
What mom.. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

My beautiful baby girl. You have made me so happy these last 16 months. I can't imagine my life without you and I am forever grateful that God wanted me to be your mommy. I love you so much! Thank you for all the hugs and kisses...snuggles and tears. You make me complete.

Pretty girl in her dress complete with drool.
This is my favorite picture from today.

We enjoyed a nice lunch with my parents today and then just stayed at home together and played. Time is going by so fast and I find myself wanting to slow down and savor every moment. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommy's and Mommy's in waiting. It was kind of disappointing that the man who made me a mom couldn't even say Happy Mothers day, but I guess if we aren't together there is no obligation on his part. Oh well.

Monday, May 4, 2009

First Dentist Appointment

Today was Alayah's first dentist appointment. Unfortunately, she also woke up this morning with pink eye in both eyes. I had to take the day off work since she can't go to daycare with pink eye which is going to hurt the paycheck in a couple of weeks. Anyway, we get to the doctors and I was just going for the pink eye, but he was checking her over and I was in hurry to leave so we could make the dentist appointment. Well, guess what....I know you already know the answer....yup...double ear infections. I mean seriously how many does she need to have before we do something about it. At least this time the doctor said if this new medicine didn't work that he would send her for tubes. I almost half wish they don't go away just so she can get the tubes because I know she will get another ear infection in the next couple of months. The doctor said her right ear was really waxy so we had to hold her down so he could get the wax out. It was gross. We made it to the dentist appointment and the dentist said her teeth look good, but she has to come off the bottle. I feel so bad trying to take something away that she really enjoys, but I know its time. We will see how she feels in a couple of days and maybe I will start taking it away...maybe

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweeper Girl

Alayah has a new love...this love involves a broom.

She seems to think that this broom is the best thing ever.

She tries to sweep, but she is just a little too short. I was enjoying watching her playing with the broom until she decided it would be fun to whack mommy over the head with said broom. There was no longer any fun to be had since the more mommy said "ouch" the more she continued to whack me. One day she will hate the broom when she has to do it as a chore lol

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