Saturday, January 26, 2013

10 months

You are 10 months baby girl. You have hit double digits. You had  your first set of pig tails this month. They turned out pretty cute. You are still in size 3 diapers but you are on the last box. You are still in size 3 shoes and are heading out of your 12 month clothes and moving into 18 months. You said your first word this month "uh oh", then you waved bye bye and you also got two teeth. You did a lot of changing this month. You are getting really good at standing without holding on to anything, but you get scared and hurry and sit down. Mommy loves rocking you to sleep at night and cuddling with you. You aren't breastfeeding too much anymore, but we still do it occasionally. You still wake up several times at night and this month you have been waking up and drinking full 4oz bottles each time. You still go to bed around 8 and wake up three times and are up for good anywhere from 6am to 7am. You are still having trouble with your ears and ear infections, so it looks like you will be getting tubes in your ears pretty soon. Only two more months and then you will be 1 year already. It seems like just yesterday I was preparing for your arrival. I love you Amarah.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

5 years old

Oh, Alayah. Where has this year gone? This has been a very big year for you with lots of changes and lots of growing up. You started this year off in preschool loving your animals and batman. You made friends with a little girl named Danielle and you two have become inseparable. You both love to play animals all day long. The biggest change you had this year was becoming a big sister. You love your new sister and you are such a great help to mommy. You love to carry her around and share your yogurt with her. You keep her happy in the car and you just all around love her. In the fall you started Pre-kindergarten and you've made great strides. When you first started you could only write A's and H's...and by your 5th birthday you can write your first name like pro. Right now you are working on writing your a's in lowercase instead of them all being in capitol letters. You can write any letter of the alphabet by memory even though some aren't quite there yet.  :) You are 43.5lbs and 43.25 inches. You where size 5T and can fit in big girls 4/5 clothes. You wear size 12 shoes and you love boy things. Right now you have shifted from your love of batman back to horses and have added captain america and Thor to your super hero loves. I can't wait to see what this next year brings and I love watching you grow and blossom. You are my favorite girl in the whole wide world and I love you soooo much

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