Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Alayah was a ballerina kitty this year. I had to throw this costume together at the last minute so this is the best I could do :)

Note to self: Face paint and two year not go well together

She was so excited to be a kitty and kept saying "mow". Once we got to the mall to trick or treat she freaked out about all the people in costumes and refused to be put down. She did get lots of candy and was definitely enjoying it eating it. After the mall, we went out to eat and came home to watch a movie. This year Nana and Grandma were able to join us which made it much more special.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I took Alayah to our sorry excuse for a pumpkin patch today, but she wasn't in the mood. The pumpkin patch was in a school yard so all she wanted to do was play and definitely, did not want me making her pose. I was a little dissappointed as I envisioned all these great pictures, but there wasn't even very many pumpkins. Oh, well. I did get this below shot which I really like so it evens it out right :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Tuesday, Alayah had a little bump on one of her fingers. I didn't really think much about it because it looked like a bug bite or something. On Wednesday, she had another bump in the middle of her palm so I thought maybe we had some bed bugs. Today, she had all these little fluid filled blisters on her palms and the top of her hand. I thought she had been burned by some grease or something like that. I took her to the doctors and they said she has hand foot and mouth disease...just great. Why does this girl always get sick...Now she can't go to daycare tomorrow because they think she is contagious, which the disease is, but its only contagious before you get the blisters so the damage has already been done. They don't seem to care tho. I wish they understood that I really can't afford to miss work and I absolutely can't miss anymore days betweeen now and January or I could lose my job. I wish my job understood that being a single parent is hard and that when your child is sick you have to stay home with them. It's not like I'm out playing hooky you know.....*sigh*

Friday, October 2, 2009

20 Month Wrap Up

Your personality keeps coming out more and more every day. You are quite the comedian and oh so joyful. You get so happy about the smallest things and then insist upon jumping up and down to show your joy.

We are taking swimming lessons this month and you love going down the kiddie slide. You've also learned to kick and move your arms almost like doggy paddling. You are doing awesome.

I have noticed when you are trying to get your leg over something and it is just a little too grab your toes and try to help lift your foot over with your hand. You are too cute.

New words this month include

"wa-wa" - water
"ca ca ewww"- your term for just ca ca always said with a look of disgust and wiping your hands
"baby chwy"-baby cry
"dah done"- all gone
"two"- when we say 1 you say 2 and then we say 3 and you say 2...everything is 2 when it comes to counting.

You love the itsy bitsy spider song and try to do the spider part...its so cute. You also bend forward and pat your knees and yell "no" when you are wanting us to follow you. We need to work on the word come. :)

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