Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Friday Family Photo Fun Challenge

I decided to participate in Double Happiness' Family Photo Fun Friday Challenge. I know I don't have my own family, but these kids are like family to me. Her challenge this week is "hands." We use our hands for everything from work to play to showing love and affection to comfort we use them to talk to protect and to illustrate.
These are random pictures I've taken over the year. The top one is of my friends son when he was around eight months old. The second picture is of my god-daughter Teyha digging into her cake on her first birthday.

The above picture is another friends daughter down by the river in our city. The two pictures below I took over the summer at various gardens.

This is a picture of two little girls I used to babysit...I love their little fingers in contrast to the chain on the tire swing. It reminds me of how tiny they really were.
I like this picture just because of all that it represents to me. The color contrast and if you dig deeper...this picture would not have existed many years ago.

Denver Trip

So I'm back and semi-recovered from a long weekend..a very long weekend. The girls and I got to Denver around four on Friday and checked into the hotel, bathed, and changed clothes then headed to the mall. I love shopping in big cities!!! There are so many choices and so much variety its a shop-a-holics heaven lol. The girls love walking the mall and flirting with all the people they meet. After the mall we headed to Olive Garden where we had to wait over an hour for a table. Now what possesed me to sit and wait with three children for an hour I don't know. I think I was too tired to load them back in the car and try to find somewhere else to go and at the time I definitely was not in the mood for Chuck E Cheese. The girls were so good I was amazed. I was so proud of them...even the manager came out to say that she thought they were the best behaved kids in the resteraunt that night and even gave me a discount off our meal.
On Saturday we went shopping again and then I decided to give in and take them to Chuck E Cheese. The kids again were good, but tired so we didn't stay long which was no problem for me. My friend was coming to Denver to pick up her cousin from the airport Saturday night, but got a flat tire and wasn't going to make it, so I took the kids to go pick up my friends' cousin.
So I had to get the kids out of the bath in some clothes and drive in the middle of a rainstorm to the airport find parking...load the kids into the stroller and brave the Denver airport. I don't know how many of you have flown into or out of the Denver airport, but it is huge and then trying to find someone you've never met in swarms of people with three cranky tired kids...not fun. Needless to say we did find her and made it back safely.
Sunday was church and the zoo, which of course had to be crowded to the limit and I didn't get to take the pictures that I wanted to. I was pretty disappointed. The kids had fun though and it was amazing to see how big the girls have gotten since November. I will post pictures soon.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Random Thoughts pt. 1

Wow! I just realized I did not post a single blog for the month of February. I'm kinda mad at myself mainly just because last month was a busy month and so much happened that I wanted to document for memories sake. Oh, well.
In other thoughts the girls and I are going to Denver this weekend(praying the weather is nice)for a weekend of shopping, eating, and just plain fun with Holly. The girls and I haven't been to Denver since the beginning of November and boy was that a long weekend. I went to Denver with six children under the age of four. I know, I know... I'm crazy.
It was so much fun and the kids were so well behaved it made me want to do it again...later lol when they are older. I know some may read this and think what parents in their right minds would send that many children with one person out of town for three days? I can understand concern and believe me, I have heard it many times before. My thought what does it matter as these children and myself have nothing to do with you and you know nothing about me and my capabilities.
Many of my friends are my age and have at least four young children a piece. So many times they call me to help them because they need a break or advice. The Lord blessed me with patience beyond my years and a gift with children that I cannot explain. My friends trust me and have no reservations about the care I provide their children. Children are my life and I learn so much from the time that I spend with them. They are what makes me happy and I can't imagine my life without them.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Cianna and Teyha....two of the loves of my life. Teyha is my goddaughter and Cianna is my best friends daughter who is more like my niece. Teyha is almost 19 months and Cianna is almost 17 months old. Every weekend the girls and I do something together. They both love their time with me and we have so much fun. This weekend we played it low key seeing as how it was below zero for most of the weekend. We did manage to make it to the mall and strut our stuff. I always dress the girls alike when they are together...well one is for me...if heaven forbid one gets lost...I will know exactly what they were wearing and the other is the fact that when they are older I don't want them to see pictures of themselves and ask me why one of them had something nice on and the other didn't and I also don't want strangers to think I favor one over the other. Here are some pictures from this weekend. The girls already have a good bond and they have so much fun together. They have been buds since the day Cianna was born. Its been amazing to see them grow over the last year and a half. I love you girls so much!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

okay so i'm one of them

I read blogs everday....i enjoy being able to read about so many different families and lives that are touched in so many ways. I find blogs to be more intriguing then some books I have read. I read blogs everyday, but sometimes there are no new posts in the infamous blogger world. I find myself wondering how can these bloggers keep their readers hanging for so long...tsk tsk tsk. Well, I've noticed that I haven't posted a blog for many days and honestly I either didnt feel like it or didn't think about it. It doesn't really matter because nobody has visited my blog yet anyway, but I can now relate to other bloggers in taking a break or not posting.
I had the girls this weekend and we had so much fun. They are at the age where they are absorbing in everything and looking to me to guide them. I love it. I love making a difference in their lives and building on the bond that we have. This blog is getting kinda long, but in my next blog i will post some more on the girls and some pictures that we took over the weekend.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Miss Teyha

I'd like to introduce to you my goddaughter Teyha. She is my world and I love her more than anything. She's eighteen months and she is the light of my life. Just look at her...how can you not fall in love with that beautiful face. I'm not a mom, but I can't wait until the day when the Lord blesses my life with a child wether it be by birth or through adoption. Adoption is something that I know I will eventually do and is very important to me. I love reading fellow bloggers journeys through adoption.

Since I do not have kids of my own, my blog will definitely reference children who are important in my life.(with their parents permission of course) Teyha is also becoming a tiny professional at posing for pictures. I love photography and she is one of my main subjects. I'm sure she rolls her eyes and sighs to herself whenever I pull out the camera. I will post more pictures soon.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The infamous first post

Well, I've been meaning to start a blog now for several months. I've been reading and following along on with many bloggers for awhile now and have decided to take the plunge into bloggerdom. Of course, now that I've started to write this post...I don't feel like writing.
I guess I could start with why I chose the name lackadaisical. I work customer service for a well known company and today a customer informed "me" that I was lackadaisical and did not care about her needs. First, I was completely caught off guard with the term lackadaisical(i mean who uses that), then i took the "me" and thought the customer must of meant the company as a whole, but then she went on and on about the lack of care I presented over the phone. Hmmm....me lackadaisical. I began to think....was this because her request was something that I knew I was going to be unable to help her with, was it the fact that her request was so far beyond fathomable that I disregarded her as "one of those customers", or was it the fact that today was just not a good day for me...having nothing to do with the customers request at all??? I think it was the fact that this person was upset because I told her that she may not return something that she purchased two years ago and get an exchange for something else even though she had never opened the item. I mean come on now. That's like buying a computer keeping it in the box and never opening it and then two years later when you finally get around to it decide that it is outdated and you want to return it for a newer model....sorry but any business owner in their right mind would tell you no. I think I was telling myself that this woman is getting majorly upset when there are so many other things in this world that are far worse....for example my life lol...I'm just kidding. More like people are dying, starving, homeless, etc etc.
Wow....It's amazing what you can write about when you just write thinking of nothing.

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