Monday, September 28, 2009

I love her personality. She is so fun and care-free, but so serious at the same time. I was trying to get some good pictures of her to enter in the gap contest this year.

She has been doing treally good since she got tubes in her ears and I am excited to see if her language skills start coming out a little more. I also hope that she doesn't get any ear infections this fall...that would be wonderful

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Alayah had her surgery today and we arrived at the clinic bright and early. All the nurses thought she was the cutest thing and kept telling other nurses to come in an get a look at her...which began to get a little awkward. They gave her some drugs to get her sleepy but all they did was get her wired. The surgery only took about 15 minutes but I was so anxious to have her back in my arms that it seemed much longer. They said she might be grumpy when she woke up but boy was she pissed! She screamed bloody murder for about 20 minutes after she came to the recovery room and she wouldn't settle down for anything. Finally, they let us leave and she stopped crying. She spent the rest of the day laying around watching Elmo and didn't seem to be phased one bit by the surgery or in any pain which was great. I hope to see some language improvement over the next couple of months.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I took Alayah to the doctor yesterday for a second opinion on her ears. I was really frustrated that her doctor didn't want to do anything about her monthly ear infections. The poor girl has had them every month for a year and all the ear infections are really affecting her speech. We saw an audiologist before the appointment with the doctor and they said that she had negative ear pressure in her left ear due to her euchastian tube not working properly. It took the new doctor all of five minutes to say she should of had tubes a long time ago since she has so many infections and her speech is so far behind. I am glad that something is going to be done for her and I am glad that she will be able to hear correctly and hopefully be able to start talking a little bit more. She gets so frustrated that she can't get across what she is trying to say. Please pray for peace for me as I am really nervous about her being put to sleep and even putting her through this to begin with, but I know it won't be any worse than an actual ear infection which they said she is on the verge of getting again. Pray for a quick procedure and a quick recovery for my baby girl too.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Going to the zoo

We went to Denver this weekend and took Alayah to the zoo. She really enjoyed it this time because she was more aware of the animals and all the things going on. She loved looking over the edges into the enclosures and pointing at all the animals.

Of course we had to take picture next to the polar bear statue like we do every year. Last year she could barely sit on the platform. We had to watch her to make sure she wouldn't fall over.

Alayah loved all the free roaming birds. She would just walk up to the animals and start talking to them. It was so cute.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Photography Practice

This is the before...

This is the after. I brightened the colors and removed the dead tree branches and the power wires. I can't wait till I figure the whole Photoshop thing out.
The next two pictures are straight out of the camera...I haven't had time to do anything with them yet.

I love watching her run...

She likes to take a break and sit only lasts for a second and then she's on the move

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

We had nothing to do today so I took Alayah to the park and practiced taking some pictures and let her run around. Once we got home and she layed down for a nap I played around with photoshop. I have absolutely no idea how to use it so I just wing it haha I just keep choosing settings to see what I end up with. Hopefully I will figure out what I am doing soon.

I really like this one.

She really loves swinging....I get tired of pushing :)
I really like this one would have been nicer had there not been power lines and houses in the background tho.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We went to the park today so I could practice taking pictures. I was in a hurry so I didn't have time to do her I chose to go with the dryed out fro look. If her hair is dry it looks so much longer, but if its we it shrinks and the curls are so small and tight it looks like her hair is barely an inch long.

This skirt is a 2T and it looks so small on her...

I tried to take one of us together by propping the camera on a rock and using the self-timer, but Alayah didn't want to cooperate.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

19 month wrap up

New words
"dank-oo"- Thank you

"sheeze"- cheese

"o e o e o"- E I E I O
You do this really cute sashe run where you twist your hips while you walk and run. It's so cute.

Grandma and you were wrestling and she told you that you had better be nice or she was going to tell Papa and you ran into the other room to get grandmas phone and brought it to her because you know she always talks to Papa on it.

You love yourself some Elmo who you now call "Melmo". You come home everyday and get your Elmo movie and you will stand there and watch the whole thing over and over. You get so excited about Elmo that you start dancing and talking in long gibberish and are so expressive.

I love how you smother me with kisses at night and you've started to have me pretend drink out of your sippy cup. You will hold it to my lips and make smacking noises until I prentend to drink from it. You also learned how to jump with both feet off the ground this month too.

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