Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Alayah laid down for bed about six as usual and I came to my room to update her blog, when about 7:30 I heard her fussing. I went to check on her and she was wheezing really bad and had no voice. It scared me to death. I couldn't tell if she was breathing okay or not. I bundled her up and headed to the ER and surprisingly I didn't even have to wait. They put one of those oxygen reader things on her finger and the numbers that came up were kinda worrisome as they were all in the low 80's, but the nurse said they weren't accurate. They put it on her toe and the readings showed levels in the 90's which were much better. We got to our room and the doctor walked in the room and before he reached her bed said its croup. I'm like okay...pretend you needed to do a little more than hear her to diagnose her....I mean I am about to pay you hundreds of dollars for this lol. They gave her a dose of steroids and an albuterol treatment and we were outta there. I can't believe we were in and out in less than 2 hours! I'm scared to leave her side tonight...I don't want her to quit breathing and me not notice. I feel so bad for her and I hate the feeling I had when I first noticed. It is scary to be so out of control and there was nothing I could do to make it better. I know its minor compared to what other families have gone through, but I think the feeling is the same. That maternal instinct kicks in overdrive so fast! She is sleeping soundly now, so I hope she sleeps well through the night.

Dirty White Shirt

Alayah's daycare was closed today, so I asked her father to keep her while I was at work. I dressed her in a white shirt and when I came home...let's just say it was no longer white. It makes me mad that he couldn't at least put a bib on her or take the shirt off instead of ruining it. Money doesn't grow on trees and he isn't helping support her! It's the only shirt I had that with with that particular outfit, so now she can't wear it unless she wears something that doesn't match or doesn't wear it at all and it was a brand new outfit. The lack of respect from her dad is really getting on my nerves! It was nice to come home and have her run to the door to welcome me and she didn't want me to put her down for quite a while. I love you baby girl...dirty white shirt and all!
p.s. I love her look in this picture...its almost the look I gave her father tonight lol

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Today is your first presidential inauguration. Although you don't understand the meaning of today, I will tell you about it and do my best to help you understand the importance of it all. It's not just that, we as a nation elected a new president, it is that we as a nation have elected "change". Change in the form of a step towards ending racism, change in the fact that despite the color of your skin you can reach for your dreams, and change in many ways I can't begin to describe. Speechless is what mommy describes today as I watched Barack Obama take an oath on the same bible as so many other presidents. A bible that has yet to be touched by a skin color darker than mine. I am so glad this day has come. The future is bright baby very bright.

Back Finally!!

I have been without the internet for soooo long now! I have so many things to update with Alayah. Over the next couple of weeks, I really hope to get more posts on here.

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