Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 12

Ayanah has discovered her hands and they are always in her mouth. She would rather suck on her hands than suck on her pacifier. She is also really starting to drool. She has for the most part been pretty laid back, but she is starting to realize if she cries I will come get her so she has been a little more needy lately. The smiles are abundant nowadays and she is starting to chuckle occasionally. I am excited to hear her laugh for the first time.

We went to Alayah's back to school night and met her new first grade teacher Mrs. Loomis. I am glad Alayah is excited to go back...hopefully, that excitement is long lived :)

Amarah has gone almost one week without her pacifier and so far we are doing pretty good, but she wakes up a lot at night asking for it. It's funny now that she doesn't have her momo she no longer seems too attached to her blanket and the tag that is on it. She doesn't even ask for it.

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