Sunday, June 30, 2013

15 Months

Oh my baby girl how you have changed in the last several months. You have six teeth right now and numbers 7 and 8 are almost through. You are starting to talk more and more. You can say "uh oh" "dada"(byebye)while waving your hand, "dank u"(thank you)"yeth" (yes) and are working on more. You have such a personality and are full of spunk. You love playing with your sister and laugh and scream if she chases you. You can point to your nose and your belly button when we ask. You are finally sleeping through the night now that we moved in with daddy and you have your own room. You can drink out of a sippy cup and are practicing drinking out of a cup and a straw. You love to dance and you just cant help but wiggle when you hear music. You love to climb the stairs..up and down up and down...and boy do you love to EAT. You eat everything and I don't think that there is a food that you do not like yet lol. I love you baby girl and I am so glad to see you happy and growing.

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