Saturday, May 2, 2015

11 months

You have lost a little weight and are down to 17 pounds 9 oz. You have finally grasped the walking  thing and are taking more and more steps every few days. You said your first word....up...which sounds like bup..I also swear I heard you say papa one day.You love to antagonize Amarah and think it's funny. You love being outside exploring. You drink about  six ounces at a time now and take two naps during the short and one long. You also are doing better at night and usually only eat once...some nights you wake up a lot to eat. You have so learned to clap and you shake your head no all the time. You also learned to wave bye bye. You seem to feel so much better and are doing more things every day. You had a procedure done at the hospital and they found out you have acid reflux but you did awesome while we were there.

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