Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 7

We had a great time in Wyoming. We spent time with Nana and enjoyed some of the sights around town. We went for a hike on the mountain which was quite interesting. Amarah was scared of all the plants and bugs and Alayah really wanted to do some serious cliff climbing. Ayanah was content riding in mommy's wrap and slept through most of our hike. We enjoyed our time with friends and were sad to leave. The car ride home was a little rougher for Ayanah. She did not like being in the carseat and I don't blame her. We had to stop a few extra times just to let her out of her seat. We all glad to be back home at the end of the week. We played in the pool this weekend and Ayanah got to wear her swim suit for the first time, but the pool was too cold for her to get in. Alayah and Amarah loved getting to swim and Amarah ended up falling asleep at the table.
Ayanah woke up with her eyes crusted shut at the beginning of our trip and it now seems to be a daily experience. The doctor said she has clogged tear ducts, so hopefully they will clear up soon. We ended up coming home early from our trip because we all woke up sick and were feeling pretty crummy. Ayanah didn't get sick luckily, but I think she liked being back home in her own bed.

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