Sunday, November 2, 2014

5 months

I can't believe you are already five months old. You are getting so big and strong.  You mastered rolling over from your back to your front at the beginning of the month. You have only rolled over from your front to back one time on September 29th. You are waking up several times during the night now. I got you a jumperoo and you love being able to stand up and bounce. You weigh 13.5 pounds and are in 3-6 months clothes. You are about to outgrow size 2 diapers. You still love your mama and scream bloody murder whenever I leave the room. You think Amarah is the funniest person around. You love whatever she does and bust out laughing. Other than that you are a very quiet girl. Mommy gave you baby food this month. We started with rice cereal and then banana, Apple's,and pears. You aren't too sure about the bananas but you loved the apples and pears. You are practicing sitting up and are getting pretty good. You still hate being in the car seat.

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