Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6 Months

Where to begin precious girl. You are quite the character. You have started thinking you are pretty funny stuff. You do this fake laugh thing when you think you are being funny. You are very opinionated and you are quick to let everyone know when you do not like something. You got your very first ear infection this month and started antibiotics for it. You did not like the medicine very much. You still take your medicine for reflux and it doesn't look like you will be off it any time soon. You are still in size two diapers, but you will be in size 3 diapers by the end of the week when mommy finishes up this last pack. You are in size 2 to 3 shoes and you are now wearing size 9 month clothes. You have gotten into a routine of going to sleep between 7 and 8 o'clock at night and sleeping until around midnight and then you wake up again at 3, 5, and again at 6 when mommy gets up for work. You love eating baby food and really enjoy anything that is a fruit. To celebrate your sixth month birthday mommy gave you a breadstick from Olive Garden and you really really liked it. You still like to tip yourself upside down and look at everyone from that angle. You can hold your bottle now too. On Sept 12 you finally rolled from your back to your stomach and mommy actually saw it to make it official. Now, you roll to your tummy all the time. You love to eat your toes and are always trying to get them in your mouth. I moved you into your crib and you really like having all the extra room. You usually go to sleep on your right side cuddled up with your blanket, but this last week you have started sleeping on your stomach.You are very good at sitting up now and are starting to get strong enough to keep yourself from falling over. I love seeing you after work because you get so happy and your eyes light up. I love you so much sweet pea

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