Friday, July 4, 2008

Alayah is growing up too fast! She turned six months old yesterday and it didn't hit me until today that she is halfway through her first year already. I wish I would have done somethings special for her half birthday but she was so miserable from her shots yesterday that she wouldn't have been in the mood anyway.
She sits up like a pro...she reaches so far forward for toys sometimes that she face plants. She refuses to be on her stomach so although she can roll over it never happens. She loves her veggies but hates fruits. She loves bean dip and spaghetti sauce(my kind of girl).
She loves jumping and can stand against the couch pretty well, but sometimes she forgets what shes doing and takes a tumble(good thing mommy is there to catch her). I'm hoping that since she hates being on her stomach that crawling is far off, but with her standing all the time I'm afraid walking will come first lol.
She loves bathtime and of course her mommy. Its so funny how particular she is about things....she has to have a blanket and it has to be put just right. She has figured out screaming and that has become her new thing. She says dada, nana, and of course all the goos and coos(we r working on mama very diligently)(note:she just says those things she doesn't associate them with anything)
Can I say that I fall in love with this little girl more and more every day. I am so grateful. Anyways enough about us... share away about your little ones I'm dying to know what they are up to.

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