Monday, March 31, 2008

Doctor Visit

I had to tak Alayah to the doctor today. She has had a runny nose and has been coughing since Thursday night. Of course, it turned out to be just a regular old cold and there isn't much to do except wait it out. It's just so sad to see her sick and feeling icky. She did really well at the appointment...she didn't cry when I stripped her down, or when I put her on the scale, or when he listened to her heart and lungs. She did however let her irratation known when he tried to look at her throat. It was kind of funny because it was more of an irratated ticked off cry and I thought it was cute, but I did feel bad for her because she hated it so much. She is up to 11lbs 2oz already!! I can't believe how quickly she is growing.

She also had a laughing fit today at the babysitters house. It was awesome to hear, but it made me very sad that I missed it. She wont laugh for me :( I know it will happen sooner or later tho.

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