Monday, March 2, 2015

9 months

You are still in size 9 months but can wear some of Amarahs old size 12 month clothes. You still wear size 3 diapers and are now growing into size 2 shoes. This month we have been going to lots of appointments and I have finally gotten you to drink 4 oz at a time once or twice a day. You have started eating more table foods. You are eager to put food in your mouth but you spit it back out. You have started standing for a few seconds without holding onto anything. You have also started to be more vocal making ahh sounds and grunting more. You have started sleeping in your crib part of the night. You wake-up a lot to nurse at night. During the day you take a short morning nap around 9 and then you either take one long nap or two short naps in the afternoon. You crinkle your nose up when you are being is so cute. You lift your arms above your head when you want me to pick you up.

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